On community, tech trends and business

On community, tech trends and business

I was recently on a business trip across the US and during my stay on Tampa, FL, I had the great honor of being interviewed by Clayton Hunt and John Callaway on their very first episode of the podcast they are starting at The 6 Figure Developer.

The first episode of The 6 Figure Developer Podcast is now live! Episode 001 with Fabián Fernández @kzfabi https://t.co/UUShJUDfutMarch 20, 2017

We talked for more than 50 minutes about the .NET community in Uruguay, mostly on the .NET Meetup and the .NET conference, our opinions and preferences when coding and on software architecture, tech trends for the next 5 years and about business and how we work at Kaizen Softworks.

Some interesting topics that surfaced during the interview:

  • How we work with other communities outside the .NET world.
  • How we work with speakers from other countries like US & Canada when they visit Uruguay.
  • Tips on how to do public speaking.
  • Tips on how to start being agile on a non-agile environment.
  • Some lessons I learned while growing Kaizen.

It wasn’t the first time I was interviewed or featured on a podcast but it was my first time to do it in English and it was a fun time, Clayton and John are really cool guys with great tech expertise and a lot to talk.

I wish them the best on this new podcast journey!