KAIZEN Softworks is recognized as one of the top ranked Software Development Companies in several industry-focused categories of DesignRush

KAIZEN Softworks has been recognized as one of the top ranked Software Development Companies in 2021 by DesignRush. Among the different services offered, we were recognized in the following categories.

Enterprise Software Development Companies. Whether our clients are dealing with a new product inception, legacy systems maintenance and migration, process automation, new features implementation or API integrations, our solutions are purpose-built to assist their processes in a productive and rapid way. Understanding their business goals and the right problems are key to meeting specific requirements at a competitive cost to build, maintain and modify software solutions, helping our clients to gain independence, scalability and achieve lower integration costs.

Software Testing Companies. We have strong workflow processes in place to ensure the operational efficiency and productivity of different solutions. With cutting-edge technologies and the latest resources, we help our clients to properly maintain their solution and perform regular quality assurance services such as performance and error monitoring. Through this ongoing work, we will consistently bring and deliver new solutions onto the table to help our clients to stay competitive in an always evolving market.

Healthcare Software Development Companies. Years of experience advising our partners' engineering teams on project areas of software architecture, design, and maintenance had positioned us as experts in developing healthcare software solutions. From leveraging enterprise real-time reporting tools and sync data with touchless infrared thermometers to grade temperature monitoring, we’ve helped companies to monitor the overall safety of their employees at any given location.

.Net Development Companies. From front end work to back end and database coding, our .NET developers are capable of adding immediate value and capacity with the flexibility and availability to fill short-term positions.

Nearshore Software Development Companies. When projects require a little extra expertise, we are able to add professional resources. We respond to changes as they occur and take immediate action and our clients know it. We are committed to work as partners with our clients in order to create new strategies without the high risk costs associated with in-house development. While conversion rates from the US dollar to our local currency are favorable, the real value comes from our passion and eagerness to transform your ideas into quality work.

Special congratulations to our team, who are always challenging assumptions and bringing innovative ways of thinking onto the table. We live and breathe what we do. Amazing things can happen when our team are great people who truly enjoy our work, taking pride in learning how to give our best.