Highlighting strong technical skills and devotion to share knowledge

At Kaizen Softworks, we encourage recognition among all teammates. Inspiring a non-vertical approach to achieve it where everyone at Kaizen can embrace recognition to anyone. Also, by making recognition public, outstanding performances will reach the sight of outsiders.

How we do it

Each Kaizen member has a credit to spend by default. Once the credit is spent, it will take one month to reload. A recognition costs 3 credits. It requires 3 grateful teammates willing to spend one credit each to recognize somebody else. After a text declaring why that person is recognized, Kaizen Softworks gifts a prize to the teammate and a frame with the picture you will see below is hanged on our Hall of Fame.

This time the team recognized: Bruno Giordano

We Federico Bracesco, Pablo Marcano and Charlie Hackenbruch, want to thank Bruno Giordano for his continuous support within Kaizen. We believe he is a person to look up to since we can highlight not only his strong technical skills but also his patience and devotion towards sharing knowledge and providing help to his teammates. Ever since he joined the project he has had extremely valuable collaborations that have boosted the project to grow in many aspects, being these technical or methodological.

Hall of Fame frame