5th Year of Kaizen: 2019 Party

5th Year of Kaizen: 2019 Party

It's December 1st and Kaizen is 5 years old now since it all started back in 2014. As every year, we celebrate by engaging with the whole team and their families renting a big house with a pool and bar for a full week. Check how much fun we had in this post!

During December of 2019, we rented a house in Punta del Este, one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Uruguay, especially during Summer. It was a great week where part of the team spent the weekdays at the house working and having fun. Then by the weekend, the whole team gathered at the house to spend all day Saturday having an asado, drinking and laughing.

As every year, we had the "Ahtatatata Awards", a fun way of celebrating the things that happened in our company during the year.

Kaizen Softworks picture of the awards winners

While eating and drinking with our family and friends, we had a ton of fun playing ping-pong, playing board games, tennis-football, and swimming in the pool!

Kaizen Softworks picture of the team having fun in the pool
Kaizen Softworks picture of Federico and Luciano

See you next year!

Kaizen Softworks picture of the kids at the pool